The new Compli 1100 E Drena-Line sewage lifting station

Reliable sewage disposal including backflow protection

Compli 1100 E Drena-Line sewage lifting station

Compli 1100 E Drena-Line sewage lifting station

Pentair Jung Pumpen's sewage lifting stations are the first choice when it comes to reliable sewage disposal and safe backflow protection for buildings. The new Compli 1100 E Drena-Line was developed specifically for larger residential properties and commercial buildings. It is the smallest duplex unit in the range of sewage lifting stations and has all the proven product features of the Compli line.  

Redundancy for safety

According to EN 12056 Part 4, the use of dual systems is mandatory in apartment buildings and commercial properties where the wastewater inflow must not be interrupted. The duplex systems operate with two pump units, which either switch alternately or work together, e.g. in the case of a large volume of wastewater. Should one pump be out of order, the second ensures that the building can continue to be drained.

The new one from Jung Pumpen

The new Compli 1100 E Drena-Line is a duplex unit with a high-quality polyethylene tank. It is particularly small and compact, making it easy to use even where space is limited. Numerous connection options allow easy and flexible installation. The inlet height can be continuously adjusted on site between 180 and 250 mm.

The powerful single-phase motors of the stainless steel pumps rest on cast iron rings, which give the system particular stability and ensure quiet operation. The vortex pumps with a motor power of 1.2 kW are supplied with 230 V and can thus be operated with a normal power socket.

Plug & Play - as you would expect

The large maintenance opening facilitates access to the inside of the device and thus also the cleaning of the tank. The lifting station is supplied with a modern double non-return valve and a pre-assembled control unit.

The control system takes over the alternating switching of the two pumps and a peak load function, should there be an exceptionally high volume of wastewater. A potential-free output of the control system additionally allows the upgrade with an optionally available radio sensor. This allows alarm messages to be sent directly to the smartphone.

The lifting station can also be equipped with additional accessories.

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