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Underfloor sump

Baufix 100

  • Use in groundwater areas possible
  • Floor drain
  • Includes complete internal pipework
  • Level-compensating frame
  • Odour-tight cover
  • Seal collar for attaching to the customer's thin-bed waterproofing system
  • Guide rail system for U3KS, U5KS, U6K ES/DS

Without a great deal of construction work, underfloor sump Baufix 100 can be used to remove effluent from laundries, storage or cellar areas below the backpressure level. The use as a collecting tank for faeces is not permitted. Without formwork, the pressure-resistant plastic container is placed into the concrete bed and forms a collecting tank for underfloor pipework. The installation in areas subject to the groundwater flooding is permitted only along with additional measures (water-tight concrete shell) as the connection between PE and concrete does not withstand pressing water.
The pump to be placed can be selected according to the amount of wastewater. The dirty water to be transported and the pumping power required have to be taken into consideration in particular. In case of slightly dirty water (grain size max. 10 mm), pumps U3KS, U5KS as well as U6K ES+DS can be used. If the admixtures are larger or the volume of wastewater is bigger, the use of a pump of the US series in recommendable. Pumps US 73+103 Ex are used in hazardous areas. For the disposal of condensate from condensing boilers, the special variant U3KS spezial has to be used.
The swing type-check valve fitted in the works of the manufacturer prevents the reflux of the wastewater from the pressure pipe into the sump. The standard odour trap stops annoyance caused by offensive odour.
By subsequently adjusting the plastic cover frame, the sump cover can be adapted easily and variably to the floor and tile conditions.
The unit is in conformity with the specification of German / European standard EN 12050.

Scope of supply

Plastic tank to house a pump tested in keeping with German / European standard EN 12050 with shaped connecting piece and level-compensating plastic cover frame with cover plate, odour trap for floor drain, hose connection, premounted discharge branch with swing-type check valve, parts required for pump installation, plug for cable conduit, without pump.

Specifications can be changed without notice. Performance subject to ISO 9906 tolerances.

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