PKS 1200-3000 | Jung Pumpen
Poly-sump for submersible sewage pumps

PKS 1200-3000

  • Individually manufacture
  • Various diameter and installation depths
  • Suitable for traffic up to class D 400
  • Corrosion-proof (PE-HD)
  • Durable
  • Unbreakable
  • Groundwater-proof
  • Ready for installation

The buoyancy-proof poly-sumps suitable for traffic (up to class D) are mainly used in industrial and municipal applications. The design and the low weight allow an easy transport and set up, even in rough terrain.
Depending on the requirements at site, diameters from 1200 to 3000 mm and installation depths up to 7 m can be realised with standard sumps of this series.
A wide range of submersible pumps is available to customize the pumping stations and meet the local operating conditions.
The sumps are double-walled and monolithic. A welded berm at the bottom ensures a sediment free collecting chamber. The grey interior colour simplifies an inspection.
Mounted guide rail feet at the sump bottom, stainless steel guide rails with tie-bar under the manhole cover and stainless steel ladders, ease the installation and maintenance of the pumps.
The PE or stainless steel pipework in the sump leads to the outside of the sump including swing-type check valves and also gate valves (outside connection in PE).
The sump is delivered to the building site ready for installation with cover plate and manhole cover(s). The buoyancy protection must be arranged by the customer at site.

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