the craftsman Heinrich Christian Jung from Steinhagen began to design and manufacture slurry pumps for the farmers of the region.

His young company was successfully until the Second World War brought it to a termination for a few years.

But Heinrich Christian Jung seized the opportunity and the new beginning in 1945 to say goodbye to handicraft production and to build up industrial production.



Heinrich Christian Jung developed and sold the first A54 submersible pump, setting the course for entry into a market in which the company is now one of the leading international suppliers in Germany and Europe.



Technical development progresses rapidly and with the U33, the first submersible pump from JUNG PUMPEN comes onto the market - a technical revolution at the time.

This marked the decisive steps towards specialisation in the domestic drainage and sewage technology segment.


The 70´s

With the U3 K, JUNG PUMPEN developed a basement submersible drainage pump whose name has become a generic term. Plumbers and the wholesale sanitary have trusted in the convincing product quality for decades.

The 80´s

were the entry into the planning and execution of pressure drainage systems. The company's own plastics plant, built a decade later, supplies the corrosion-resistant plastic chambers for this area of application. Today, pressure drainage systems are in use throughout Europe.



With the increasing variety of products, the users' need for information also rises and so the FORUM training centre is inaugurated in 2004, where more than 2,000 visitors take part in an extensive seminar and event programme every year.


The development and marketing of the first floor drain pump Plancofix marks the beginning of the success story of the solution for bathroom renovation, especially in old buildings. 

The Plancofix product family was specially developed for the disposal of shower water that cannot drain into the existing wastewater pipe without an outlet gradient.

Meanwhile, four Plancofix variants offer optimal solutions for installation in existing buildings.


For more than 35 years, the MultiCut wastewater pumps with their cutting system have proven their worth. Installed in pumping stations, they convey wastewater to the sewer and are an integral part of domestic and municipal wastewater disposal. 

Due to the increasing proportion of wet wipes and other hygiene products, the composition of the wastewater has changed, leading to more and more frequent pump blockages. Jung Pumpen meets this challenge with an optimised cutting system which, with 200,000 cuts per minute, gives wet wipes no chance.


For almost 50 years, the U3 submersible pump has stood for reliable wastewater disposal. 

Freshly revised, the seventh generation of the U3 series comes with convincing improvements that further facilitate handling in practice and once again increase reliability.

In the field of Compli sewage lifting stations, which have been the first choice for decades when it comes to reliable sewage disposal, the Compli 400 single units as well as the Compli 1000 double units have been completely revised and have been setting new quality standards for sewage disposal ever since.


Residential and wastewater technology 

"Made in Germany"

in the network of an innovative and globally operating company.


Locally connected - globally active

As an internationally operating company, we are represented all over the world with branches, sales offices and field staff.

A proximity that creates good conditions for individual support as well as an intensive partnership between us and our customers.

We help ensure that reliability, longevity and the highest quality are - and remain - the essential hallmarks of the company in the future!


Our global orientation and our commitment to Germany as a manufacturing location are not contradictory.

As a brand of PENTAIR plc, a world leader in water technology with 11,250 employees in more than 150 countries, we are expanding internationally and at the same time enhancing PENTAIR JUNG PUMPEN at the Steinhagen site, where the company's headquarters have been located for over 95 years.

Customer-oriented, reliable, always there for you - that's...



Always well informed!

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