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Drainage pumps


The first aid kit for floods

Ready-to-use complete set consisting of carrying basket,
U5 KS submersible pump and fire hose
Made in Germany

  • With powerful submersible drainage pump U5KS
  • Pump with cooling jacket for motor housing
  • Quick and easy hose connection with C-coupling
  • Float fixation for continuous operation
  • Wall mounting for storage

The "Flutbox" is a first aid kit for draining basements in an emergency. Just place the pump with its carrying cage on the floor and pump out the water quickly and reliably via the 12.5 m pressure hose (Ø 52 mm). When the float is locked, the pump will continue to operate until the remaining water is 35 mm deep.
The U5KS can be used as a fixed or mobile system, with or without its carrying cage, in the house and garden. If the foot strainer is removed, the free passage of 20 mm can be fully utilised.

Scope of supply

1 U5KS cellar drainage pump; 1 pressure hose, 12.5 m long, with C coupling (C52); 1 carrying cage with integrated pump fixing; 1 float fixation.

Specifications can be changed without notice. Performance subject to ISO 9906 tolerances.

The minimum flow velocity in the pressure piping must be 0.7 m/s according to EN 12056.
This data is represented in the performance curve as a limit of application.

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