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Premium brand in wastewater pumps

Jung Pumpen has been producing and delivering since 1924 the most reliable and sophisticated wastewater products on market for residential and municipal application. Made in Germany


  • PLANCOFIX PLUS - Slim and with quiet operation

    PLANCOFIX PLUS - Slim and with quiet operation

    Fullfill your dream of a barrier-free shower and get to know our newest version PLANCOFIX PLUS.


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  • Backpressure protection

    Backpressure protection

    Keep your basement free of flooding. Only sewage lifting stations provide comprehensive protection against backpressure sewage. We show you why and how?

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  • Your loyalty is rewarded

    Your loyalty is rewarded

    Collect loyalty points within buying one of our PLUS products and win a cruise worth 2,500 € on the AIDA.


  • Do you know our Media App?

    Do you know our Media App?

    Online- and Offline access to all current data sheets, brochures, manuals and spare parts lists. The app offers much more. Download and test it...

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  • MultiCut 20/2 M plus

    MultiCut 20/2 M plus

    The new generation with 10% less energy consumption, 20% less weight ...