2024 - One century of Jung Pumpen

Pioneering spirit and excellence in wastewater technology

The founding years and years of reconstruction (1924 - 1959)

Pentair Jung Pumpen has a fascinating history that now spans over a century and is characterised by innovation, growth and adaptation to changing market conditions.

Since its foundation in 1924, the company has developed from a small craft business in Steinhagen into a leading international supplier of wastewater technology for building and municipal drainage.

The company's beginnings are closely linked to the name Heinrich Christian Jung, who founded the company in Steinhagen in 1924.

It was characterised by the development of simple but efficient solutions for agriculture in the form of hand-operated slurry pumps, which laid the foundation for later growth.

After the Second World War, a strategic reorientation towards industrial series production took place. This decision paved the way for further development.

In addition to the first A54 sewage pumps, lifting stations were now also built.


Spirit of innovation in the 60s to 90s

In the 1960s, Jung Pumpen achieved a technical milestone with the introduction of the first submersible pump U33 and established itself as a specialist for domestic drainage and sewage technology, laying the foundation for later success in this area.

The success with submersible pumps and later also with sewage pumps continued, in particular with the well-known U3 K submersible pump.

The company subsequently expanded its product range to include polyester basins, filter systems and pumps for swimming pool technology, but had to discontinue this area due to rising heating costs as a result of the oil crises in the 1970s.

However, Jung Pumpen gained an excellent reputation in the irrigation sector in the early 1970s. The "Juga 75" irritgation pump became a hit and is still in use in many gardens and green spaces today. Known for its exceptional durability. 

The 1980s saw the introduction of pressure drainage, a technology that uses domestic pumping stations to dispose of wastewater via pressurised pipe networks. One of the first projects was the comprehensive wastewater disposal system for the Baltic Sea island of Darß.

Today, Jung Pumpen is one of the market leaders for pressurised drainage in Germany and is involved in major projects worldwide.

In the 1990s, the company set up its own poly plant, where it has been producing its own pump sumps and tanks.

Jung Pumpen began building up a nationwide network in Germany at the end of the 1960s, which was characterised by regional sales representatives. These were dedicated to providing intensive support to plumbers, planners, local authorities and wholesalers.

At the same time, the company built up a specialised customer service department with fully equipped service vehicles to efficiently carry out necessary maintenance and repair work directly at the end customer's premises.



These developments emphasise Jung Pumpen's commitment to customer proximity and service quality till this day.

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Global expansion and diversification

In the 1990s, Jung Pumpen further expanded its presence in Europe, extended its product portfolio and significantly increased its international activities

With the takeover of the company by the American water technology company Pentair in 2007, this development was further advanced worldwide. 

Pentair Jung Pumpen is not only a company with a rich history, but is also constantly orientated towards the challenges of the times. In 2012, the company launched the Plancofix, an innovative floor drainage pump that makes barrier-free showers in existing bathrooms possible almost everywhere

In response to the increasing problems caused by heavy rainfall and the resulting basement flooding, the Flutbox was developed - a first-aid kit that can be used to pump out basements or underground car parks on your own.

Pentair Jung Pumpen developed a new type of cutting system for its MultiCut sewage pumps as a technical solution against blockages in waste water pumps, which are increasingly confronted with long-fibre wet wipes, thus setting new standards.


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